More Sketching with Pitt Big Brush Pens

Pitt Big Brush Pens
Stillman & Birn Epsilon 5.5x8.5" hardbound sketchbook

Today our sketch group had its monthly sketch-out at Adams Fairacre Farm in Wappinger, NY. Patricia and I arrived at 10am and made ourselves comfortable in the dining area while waiting for the others. In honor of Valentine's Day, I had a chocolate caramel flavored coffee. It seemed like the right thing to do!

I've really been enjoying exploring all the colors and combinations of the Pitt Big Brush Pens I got recently. I'd prepared this page with a diluted teal-colored acrylic wash, followed by some iridescent/interference paint to give it some shimmer. I'd planned to use it with Private Reserve Blue Suede ink, but since I had a teal-colored Pitt Big Brush Pen with me, I pulled that out to do all the initial drawing, then added a bit of color with some of the other pens.

Webcast alert! Remember that Wednesday night (2/15) I'll be a call-in guest for the Goulet Pen Company's webcast, Write Time at Nine. I'll put up a link on my blog before the broadcast. The Goulets will probably get the link up before I do, so if it's not here, try their blog: . Hope to see you there! I'll be revealing the preliminary results of the lightfastness testing that I'm doing with the Noodler's Eternal Inks, and fielding any ink-related questions pertaining to sketching and artwork.

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