Deer Jawbone

Stillman and Birn Epsilon 5.5x8.5" hardbound sketchbook
Background prepared with diluted fluid acrylics
Drawing done with Prismacolor Pencils
Border and lettering done with an Eversharp Symphony Fine point fountain pen and 
Private Reserve Copper Burst ink.

While out walking last weekend, my husband and I came upon an area covered with tan and gray fur. There in the middle were both jawbones from a deer that must have fallen victim to a pack of coyotes or some other wild animals. It was pretty creepy, but wow, what a sketching subject! I had to bring this back to the studio. Colored pencils seemed an ideal medium for some of the details and subtle coloring of the subject.


  1. This is fascinating. Your last two sketches are very intriguing! I really like the border on this one.

  2. Great sketches of the treasures from your walk. I like the aged look to the beer can. Nice new borders...very elegant!

  3. Beautiful sketch, Jamie! You'd enjoy the deer skulls I have on my deck right now.