Palenville Overlook --- Gouache Sketches from the Catskill Mountains

Gouache sketches, 11×8.5″
Handwritten text:
Palenville Overlook, Sept. 26, 2009
Today was one of those priceless, crisp fall days, perfect for any outdoor activities. My husband and I opted for a hike to the famous Palenville Overlook.
From this spot looking to the west, we could see Kaaterskill High Peak and Roundtop Mountain, as well as the cliff called “Point of Rocks” or Indian Head. I could see sections of Route 23a snaking through the trees 1,100 feet below.
Turning 180 degrees to the east, the view was no less spectacular. We could see the town of Palenville below, and the Hudson River stretching to the north and south, with the Berkshire Mountains way off in the distance.
The colors were showing the emergence of fall. We walked to the old boarding house site and to Point of Rocks before heading home.