Giraffes at the Bronx Zoo

Click image for a larger, clearer view
Pitt Pens and Watercolor
Background prepared in advance with diluted acrylic

At the end of the day, we wound up at the giraffe house. They are indoors for the winter in a very comfortable and inviting space. The lighting was good and visibility excellent. I really fell in love with sketching these beautiful, graceful creatures. Aside from the ballet-like way in which they move, they have the most expressive faces, which became the focus of my attention. I want to go back and spend more time with them very soon.


  1. I alsolutely LOVE this page, Jamie! The overlapping multiple images, the patterns on their coats, the little F in the lettering, the way you faded out the ones in the background - just perfect!

  2. I am loving all the animal sketches. That is great that they have the giraffes inside so it is easier to sketch them. It is defintely still too cold to spend much time outdoors sketching as you found out with the tiger. Great job, Jamie.

  3. Leslie, thank you so much. I can't wait to go back to sketch them again. Giraffes are my favorite beasts!

    Joan, you have to come join us sometime!

  4. I'm really enjoying these Zoo posts Jamie. I love to see people making such a good connection with animals.