What if you were stranded somewhere without a sketchbook?

Here's a sketchbook that can be made on the fly with a single sheet of paper, no matter where you are! (You may have to pause the video if I'm flipping the pages too fast.) Instructions for making it are in Alisa Golden's book, Making Handmade Books. It's a little tricky to get the hang of it, but I made a few with scrap paper, and now I'm sure I can do it on the fly with whatever is at hand! A much larger book can be made by simply increasing the size of the sheet of paper. (This one was made with a piece of copy paper.)


  1. Is this what you were trying to show in the photo or video?

    It came out blank on my screen...

  2. Jessica, that's strange that my video isn't showing on your screen. I have a Mac and a PC, and it shows on both of mine. The construction of this book is not the same as the one that you linked to, nor any of the others I've seen online. But I am concerned about copyright protection, so those who are interested would have to see it in Alisa Golden's book via the library or their own copy.

  3. I can't see it either :/
    I arrived here from your comment on Alisa's blog, would love to see your video sometime :)