Some pretty cool Daniel Smith watercolors

I received a Daniel Smith catalog in the mail the other day, and inside was a card with five colors that had interesting properties. The colors were:
  • Quinacridone Purple
  • Iridescent Gold
  • Duochrome Desert Bronze
  • Pearlescent White
  • Interference Lilac

It's especially interesting to see how the Duochrome Desert Bronze and Interference Lilac shift color as the light changes. I've been experimenting with colors with different shimmering properties lately, so these were right up my alley! Although the Quinacridone Purple has no sparkle to it, the strength of the color is enough by itself! I used the purple and gold to make the page border. You can see a bit of the sparkle where there's some glare on the page. I like having reference pages like this in my journal so that I can always refer back to see what a color looks like that I test drove.

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