Rain, Rain

It was pouring rain on Tuesday night and Wednesday. Rainy days are the perfect times to pull out those little antique shop items, paint flowers, clean the studio, or make some progress on a large painting. Since I was waiting for company to arrive, the little antique shop items won out. I picked up these three charming, cobalt blue vases over the summer and have been looking forward to their sketchbook debut ever since! Although they are actually blue, I didn't happen to have a blue pen inked up at the time, so these were sketched with Noodler's Purple Wampum, one of my favorite washable inks. I used a waterbrush over the ink lines to create the washes.

This was done in a 6x9" Fabriano Venezia journal across the two page spread. I only have two pages left in this journal --- the first and the last. Finishing up those pages will close a pretty big chapter in my life, since I started this book on February 1, 2011. I left the first page blank to title it when I was done. It's time for me to start thinking of a title!


  1. I really love your sketches, especially with Noodler's ink. I'm curious, what pen did you use to draw this one?

  2. KP, thanks so much. This was sketched with a Platinum Preppy Medium (0.5) fountain pen.

  3. I think everything looks great in purple, my favorite color!!! Nice!!! You pulled out vases to sketch and I did my nature study. You have to always be prepared to sketch. lol