Water Birds at the Bronx Zoo

I remembered these red-orange birds from the last time I was at the zoo, so I prepared these border colors in advance and made sure to pack a pen with Noodler's Cayenne ink! I used a combination of the ink, watercolors and gouache on this sketch.


  1. How do you find the epsilon compared to the Alpha? Or doesn't it make a difference since you use acrylic backgrounds?

  2. These are both great questions, and I hope to have better answers soon. I feel I really need to work in the Epsilon book for awhile before I can give a complete answer. I have worked both with and without prepared backgrounds in S&B Epsilon books, and I love the paper, especially for dry media and pen and ink. My acrylic backgrounds are with very diluted paint in the center drawing area, so the tooth of the paper does still play a role. I will definitely keep these questions in mind as I work through the book, and will give you a more complete answer in the not too distant future! I like both papers a lot and might continue working with both of them, for different things.