Louise King Mud Ponies on Parade

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Stillman & Birn Gamma 9x6" Hardbound Sketchbook
Private Reserve Velvet Black ink
Private Reserve Chocolat ink mixed with PR Velvet Black
Noodler's Sequoia ink pluse PR Chocolat/Velvet Black mix

I sketched my little herd across the two page spread using fountain pens filled with the listed inks. Afterwards, they were washed with a waterbrush. This Gamma paper has an ivory-toned surface that lends itself to certain colors and applications. I like these inks on it a lot. This sketchbook opens up to a large spread of 18". It's nice to have that spacious feel to expand a sketch, and still have room to write a bit!

Back in the days when my sister lived in New York, she gave me a Louise King "Mud Pony" clay sculpture as a holiday gift for a few years in a row. I've always treasured this little herd of ponies, and I'd like to get a few more of them too....someday! Here's a little video about her and her clay horses:

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  1. Such a touching and interesting story.....thanks for sharing. Ed