Saturday, July 9, 2011

Late Day Light at North South Lake

I can't believe I made such a dumb mistake, but I painted this upside down into my sketchbook for The Sketchbook Project 2012. So when my sketchbook goes off on its world tour, you'll all be able to arrive at this page of an upside down painting! I thought it best to at least post it right side up, so I'll save you the trouble of turning your computers over to view it the way it is in the book!

This was painted in gouache at the NYS DEC Campground at North South Lake, in Haines Falls, NY. The land shapes are broad and simple, which contrast with the complexity of the water movement, reflections, changing values, and pond scum in the water. Overall it's a very challenging scene that I have revisited many times.


  1. I'd rather turn my head upside down:) In the fe months I've seen your paintings at FB, I can see how plein air painting is your LOVE! (at FB I'm Jesh)

  2. And people who are lucky enough to see this in person will remember the upside down page sketchbook...and smile!

    This is beautiful! :)

  3. I like the sketches on your site. Have you read "An Illustrated Life" by Danny Gregory? I was inspired to create a facebook group where people share their illustrated journals in a supportive community for artists at all levels. Check it out here and join if you like!