Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Entertainment for Seagulls

Did you ever feel like you were just entertainment for seagulls? I was painting along the Hudson Riverfront in Newburgh, New York one day. These seagulls found me to be the most entertaining thing they'd seen for quite some time! They all lined up and watched me while I painted the river. I took a few photos of them before I left and sketched this tonight from one of the photos.


  1. maybe they were waiting to see if you brought snacks!!

  2. is that pen & inkwash? BTW I'm loving the stuff you sent me! I just have to get better at using the pens and the watercolor marker. Not something I have so much experience in!

  3. Yarden, it was done with ink and a fountain pen. Then I took a waterbrush, like the kind that came with your little Koi watercolor kit, and used that to blend the lines to create shadow and halftones.