Monday, March 14, 2011

Breakfast Sketch

Written text transcription: For an artist, few things are more exciting than falling in love with a new medium. I've never been a huge fan of working in monochrome, but I am loving ink and wash! Who knew that a fountain pen, washable ink, and a waterbrush could be so much fun! The dramatic contrasts and subtle colors that appear with the "right" ink seem to be captivating my artistic side lately.
Platinum Preppy .5 with Private Reserve Velvet Black

I purchased this Marilyn Price pitcher on Saturday night at RiverWinds Gallery. I put some flowers in it and set it on the breakfast table, knowing I'd be sketching or painting it (or both!) at the first opportunity. I'll probably do an oil painting of it this week too.

I'm looking forward to exploring more inks and refining my process with ink and wash. Once I feel I have a better grip on this medium, I'll do some on nice watercolor paper that I can offer for sale. Until that time, they'll only be posted here on my Sketches blog.

I don't know if you can see the subtle violets in that appear in the washes of this Velvet Black ink. If you saw it side by side with a traditional black, you'd see the difference for sure. I'm thinking about adding some red and yellow watercolor to this sketch. If I do, I'll post it again with the changes.

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  1. The violet tints show up gorgeously. What a great medium!