Three Page Hudson River Vista

This is a 10x22" spread across three pages in my blue Pescia journal. You can click on it to enlarge the image. (Here is a link to how I made this fabulous 16-page journal from a single sheet, in case you missed it.) It's a scene from Dennings Point Park facing downriver through the Hudson Highlands, with Bannerman Island showing on the right side, just in front of the mountains. I had been wanting to paint this for so long, and will probably do a larger version to frame and hang in the near future.

This painting was done with traditional brushes, but I used the Golden Airbrush paints to do it. That line of acrylic paints has been reformulated, and has just hit the market as the new Golden High Flow line. I ordered some as soon as they became available, and was delighted to see the color range expanded to include some colors that I sorely missed in the Airbrush line. I have the new paints here now, and will be posting a review of them next week.


  1. This is my absolute favorite landscape yet! Would this be the style/medium I could learn at your Mid-August Olana workshop?

  2. Hi Suzy. Thanks so much for your kind comment! We will certainly discuss some of the techniques used here in the workshop. We will be working with Golden OPEN Acrylics during the workshop, since any other acrylic paints would dry way too fast in the August heat!