Watercolor Cards

I've had an urge to do some small watercolor sketches of animals from photos I took at the zoo over the last couple of years, so I'm doing them on watercolor paper as cards. I tear the paper from full sheets, fold it into cards, and tape around the edges to a board to do the painting. If you do this, be sure when you go to paint that you know which way the fold is facing underneath the tape. (You can guess why I'm reminding you of this! ) I'm using just three colors for these in an effort to keep it simple and harmonious.

I have a new little model here at home. My sister's tiny miniature Dachshund, BB, has come to live with us.  Although Rondo is a small dog, you can see that BB is only about 1/3 his size and weight. She's settling in very well with the rest of the menagerie. She is very affectionate and has some separation anxiety, which isn't surprising considering that she went everywhere with my sister inside a shoulder bag!. She has a little toy that we call her "baby", and she carries it with her all the time. She is totally disinterested in any other toys, and just wants that one. Sometimes she hides it, forgets where she put it, and frantically looks around for it. We all have to drop what we're doing and help her rescue the baby. BB is adorable and we all love her to bits.

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