RiverWinds Gallery Sketch with Pitt Pens and Watercolor

(click sketch to enlarge)
Sketched at RiverWinds Gallery in Beacon NY
Pitt Big Brush Pens (cool greys) and watercolor
on Stillman & Birn Zeta paper

This sketch was done while at RiverWinds Gallery last weekend. They have such beautifully arranged displays, and the gallery is an inviting place to spend the afternoon. Many thanks to gallery owner Virginia Donovan for a wonderful day.

I started out this sketch with just the monochrome Pitt Cool Grey Big Brush Pens. Gallery visitors thought I should leave it as the monochrome version, but the color junkie in me won out and I added color to it. Then they all liked the color version better! You can see the monochrome version by clicking here. Which do you prefer?

The paper is the new 180 lb. smooth Zeta paper from Stillman and Birn. I love the way pens and markers glide over the surface! We should be able to get sketchbooks of it in another month or so. Can't wait!


  1. You know me, I'm a sucker for color!!! Nice!

    1. Thanks, Joan! Always nice to have a fellow color junkie around. ;)

  2. Hello, Faber-Castell here. This is a beautiful sketch- thank you for posting it. We also shared this on our Facebook page:

    1. Many thanks to Faber-CastellUSA for the repost! Love my Pitt Pens. :)