May Ink Drop

11x17" across a two page spread in a Stillman & Birn Epsilon Hardbound sketchbook
De Atramentis Rose
De Atramentis Hyacinth
De Atramentis Elderberry
Diamine Meadow
and Pilot Iroshizuku Murasaki-Shikibu inks
Assorted dip pens

At the beginning of every month, five vials of ink samples arrive in my mailbox via the Goulet Pen Company Ink Drop. I don't always have time to test drive all of them right away, but this month I pulled them out and played with a bunch of dip pens to see what the colors looked like and how they washed with a wet brush. Every color was a winner, and I found myself surprised by how much I enjoyed working with the scented inks like the Rose and Hyacinth.

None of these inks are "archival" in terms of being able to hang a sketch on a wall where it would be exposed to sunlight. But they should fare fine inside a sketchbook as long as it's not dipped in water!


  1. I am glad I am not the only one that loved all of the colors in this month's drop. I love your test pages. Thanks you for sharing.

  2. Anonymous10:31 AM

    Great post, Jamie! Ordinarily, I would have overlooked the deAtrementis elderberry, but you've just now put it on my list. I had already discovered Diamine Meadow and love it to pieces. I think it may be my favorite green. =)

  3. Thanks for the link, Jamie :) I always love seeing what you do with Ink Drop, you definitely show off the best these colors have to offer! Nice work.