Up on Plattekill Mountain

 7.5x15", watercolor on Arches Rough
Text is Noodler's Kung Te-Cheng ink in a Platinum Preppy fountain pen

Back in December, I placed an order with Small Oak Press for two custom sketchbooks --- one to be made out of Arches Bright White Rough 140 pound paper, and the other of Stonehenge white. They were my holiday gift to myself, and they arrived last week. I took the Arches book out hiking over the weekend. I expected it to be difficult to dive into the first page spread of an $80 sketchbook, but when the time came, I found it surprisingly easy to let it happen. Perhaps I felt I deserved to paint on great rag paper after hiking two and a half miles uphill!

We hiked up Plattekill Mountain to Codfish Point. There was a stone throne that somebody made in an old quarry up there, facing Hudson Valley views that span 60 miles of the Hudson River off in the distance. It was the perfect spot for a weary painter to take a break, have lunch, and enjoy the vista. I pulled out my watercolors while my husband went off to take some photos and explore down the trail for a few minutes.


  1. Anonymous9:53 PM

    I made my first watercolor paper journal this past weeks, I have just started painting in it, I had not heard of small oak press, I will order from them next time, it was a lot of work making my journal and although I feel a semse of satisfaction it was challenging, I wondered where you got one so big and then I read you custo ordered, thats what I need.
    Your work is beautiful as well, I almost for got to compliment you! Thankyou for sharing

  2. Laurie, I figured out that it would cost me about $50 in paper and bookbinding supplies to make this book, and who knows how many hours (or days!) of time. So I felt her price was fair, even though it's an expensive undertaking. I would really rather spend my time painting and sketching than bookbinding!