Afternoon in the Figure Studio

11x17" across the spread in an altered book
Golden Black Gesso
Winsor Newton, Holbein, and Schmincke Gouache

These poses were just 30 seconds to a few minutes each in an open studio life drawing session with a fabulous model. Since the poses are so short, I usually do them in some sort of a montage format. I had this page spread prepared in advance using Golden Black Gesso, and since I happened to have gouache and watercolor with me yesterday (thanks to my new palette setup), I thought it would be fun to play with different gouache colors on the black background. I loved the way it turned out, and my only regret was that I hadn't prepared more pages this way. I think I'm going to prepare some black supports with "glittery stuff" like I used for some of my aquarium sketches, and bring them to life drawing next week. Way fun!

(Sorry about the glare on the right page; I just couldn't seem to get an image without glare on one side or the other.)


  1. Too cool for school, Jamie!

  2. Thanks, Gretchen! Hope to see you soon!

  3. I just ran across your art randomly on an art search I was doing for original paintings from studio cleans! When I saw this I was looking to inquire about it and then I read on to see that the piece was merely for your personal sketch... Any chance you would price it? Regardless, you are blessed ;) Cheers! Rachel Green, Chatt., TN

  4. Hi Rachel. Thank you for your interest in my work. This sketch is in preparation for a series I'm doing. The first one, by sheer coincidence, was just posted! It is on my painting blog:

    Best wishes,