My Favorite Potter, Marilyn Price

You can click on the image above to enlarge it and read the text.

This sketch was done in my Stillman and Birn Alpha sketchbook. The page was first colored using diluted Golden Fluid Acrylics (standard colors and iridescent) and F&W Acrylic Inks, and the border painted. The sketch was then done on location, using a Kaweco Sport fountain pen with an extra-fine nib, filled with Noodler's Midnight Blue ink. Shadow areas were washed in using a waterbrush, followed by the inclusion of watercolor to finish it off. The title was written using a Brause italic dip pen, and for the smaller text, I used a smaller-nibbed italic pen (Pilot Plumix). Both were loaded with Noodler's Luxury Blue ink --- a really nice midtone blue.

People are always asking me what materials I go out sketching with. I'll have to post another peek into my current messenger bag soon. The contents do change from time to time, depending on where I'm going, what I want to work with, whether I'll be standing or sitting, and how far I'll have to walk.

RiverWinds Gallery is loaded with work by this favorite potter of mine, Marilyn Price, at very reasonable prices. I especially love using her gorgeous pitchers as flower vases. They also have quite a few of my paintings there, and other fine art, jewelry, and handmade gift items. Definitely worth a trip for holiday shopping!


  1. I'm really enjoying your sketchbook posts, Jamie! I would love to see pics of your messenger bag. Those are always so fun. I'm definitely nosey like that and have a strange curiosity about what tools people are carrying in their "arsenal".

    On a separate note, and totally unrelated: I think it may have been you who posted on FPN the other day about the best shading inks. (I'm pretty sure it was you!!) I recently discovered Caran d"Ache Sunset, a lovely deep red/pink. My comfort zone is with dark blue/blue-black/dark green inks. This ink was a game changer for me. It's not bright or in-your-face. It's gorgeous with tons of beautiful shading, and it's vibrant. A real pick-me up. Whenever anyone asks the shading question, I tend to see the same answers. This one gets overlooked. Definitely try a sample if you get the chance. I'd love to see you sketch with it!!!

  2. Kp, thank you so much for the heads up! I just placed an order for some samples based on my needs and feedback from that thread, but I didn't order a sample of the Caran d'Ache Sunset, since the Black Swan in Australian Roses seems to shade from light pink to rich violet. Maybe I need to reconsider! I'll send the Goulets an email and see if they can still include it with my order...

  3. Love the composition and the colors!!! You are having a lot of success with the prepainted pages. I really like the look. Marilyn's pottery looks I'd better stay out of there. I would have never thought of going with a sketch group to paint in a gallery.

  4. No worries! Keep it on your list for next time. It's just a fun ink, and I think it's underrated. ;-)