Finders Keepers

Every so often, I find a little something special when out walking. These glass bottles and turkey feather I found while walking the dog. The bottles will make nice wildflower vases come spring. The wide-mouthed one will serve as a brush holder in the meantime. I have an old pitcher that I've been filling with turkey feathers whenever I find a nice one. This particular feather is very downy --- as if it belonged to a young bird.

These were all painted with watercolors and Escoda round sable brushes sizes 10 and 2.  The writing was done with Noodler's La Reine Mauve (in their "Eternal Inks") line, using a Platinum Preppy eyedropper-converted fountain pen. 


  1. Lovely treasures!! :)

  2. Nice sketch of your found treasures. I was interested in seeing how you laid out your colors in your new travel set. It is nice that you were able to include another row. I always wish I had another color or two with me.