Monday, May 30, 2011

Flamingos at the Bronx Zoo

Last week I went to the Bronx Zoo with a group of artists. What a great place for a sketching trip! I even took out a membership so that I can go back for free. There is a cafeteria called the Dancing Crane Cafe, which overlooks a pond with beautiful Flamingos. Here are two that were begging to be sketched.

I knew I'd be sketching on the run for the most part, so I prepared some sketchbook pages in advance. This two page spread was done with acrylic ink. I painted the borders with brown, then sprayed it with water while the ink was still wet, and blotted it with a paper towel to further texturize the surface.

This is a Stillman & Birn 6x8" Delta Series sketchbook. I've done several multi-media pages in it of this type, and it's handled all the abuse spectacularly well. It's very heavy paper with a heavy layer of sizing, and not too much texture, so my fountain pens seem to like it as well.


  1. Howdy,
    I've just found this blog and am glad since your art and site style are excellent!

    Deb Leddon

  2. Stillman & Birn delta is my favorite sketchbook! Since it's so expensive, though, I keep it for more formalish work. But I love the paper, both in colour (I prefer ivory to bright white) and weight and find it so satisfying. Plus, there are no issues with media: all work very well!