Thursday, December 17, 2009

Acrylic Sketch of Leigh

20×16″, Golden OPEN Acrylics on canvas covered hardboard
Email me at if interested in this painting.
I was eager to work in a medium that would enable me to layer quickly today, so I grabbed my Golden OPEN Acrylics and a 16×20 canvas covered board for open studio portraiture. I left most of my acrylics upstate, so had to make due with what I had: Cadmium Yellow Primrose, Pyrrole Red, Transparent Red Oxide, Ultramarine Blue, Carbon Black, and Titanium White.
These paints are just sooooo much fun. I prefer them on paper or smooth hardboard rather than canvas, so next time I’ll have to remember to size some watercolor paper or matboard before I go.
Leigh was a really great and beautiful model. We’ll have her for another sitting in January, so I’ll get to sketch her again!

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