Get Ready for Holidays in Ink (plus other media) 2022-23!


It's almost that time! You're invited to join me and a bunch of my friends for this fun, educational, and motivational, annual adventure. We'll combine inks with other media to complete a sketchbook during the holiday season. This post outlines what you need to know in order to play along.


Monday, November 21, 2022 - Friday, January 6, 2023


Based on how quiet or hectic your personal holiday season is, select or make a sketchbook that you will easily be able to fill during those dates. When November 21 arrives, start your book. Use some ink. Incorporate other media if you wish. That's it!



You do not have to complete a page a day, nor even a sketch every day. Well, of course you could. But I will not be doing that. Personally, I've opted to complete 36, two-page spreads during the 47 days of Holidays in Ink. I found a fabric with ravens in moonlight that I loved, turned it into bookcloth, and made my sketchbook a couple of weeks ago. 

If you decide you only have time for a dozen pages, that's fine; it may be a dozen more than you'd otherwise do over the holidays. Set a realistic goal for yourself, and give yourself the freedom to enjoy the process.

You don't need to make your own sketchbook, but when choosing a book, carefully consider the media you plan to use, size you want to work, and number of pages you'll have time to complete during the sometimes-hectic holiday season. Take travel plans into consideration, and allow for sketch time to be interrupted. We can go far and fast with just a ballpoint pen and a sketchbook when the going gets rough! You can just set aside a section in the sketchbook you're currently working in, if that is better for you. 


Each year, I post a prompt list or two for those who find them beneficial. There is no requirement to work from the list(s). Think of it more as an Idea Dump, so when you're stumped, you can use it for inspiration, and in any order. I'll post the list by Monday, November 14; it's still a work in progress. I like every year to be a bit different, even if some themes recur. This year, three of my friends contributed ideas, and I selected from those that interested most of us. Many thanks to Sharon Nakazato, Johanne Morin, and Melissa Fischer for assisting with the prompts.

Edit: The prompt list has been posted! You can find it here.


Use what you've got! Ink can be applied with just about anything, and nearly all liquids can be "ink". Dip pens, fountain pens, sharpened sticks, brush pens, markers, traditional brushes, felt tip pens, oriental brushes...anything goes. Most or all sketches should contain at least some kind of ink (which theoretically can be anything you want it to be, including paint or even coffee or wine), and you can combine that with other media of your choice. Or not. Holidays in Ink is a great opportunity to experiment with art supplies that have been sitting on the shelf, or an excuse to try something new. Create!

So, gather up your sketchbook and organize your supplies, and come back by November 14 to see the prompt list. Please bookmark this blog, as I haven't yet been able to find a workable subscription service to send the posts to you directly.

If this is your first encounter with Holidays in Ink, you can see a video tour of my Holidays in Ink 2020-21 book at this link. You can see my book from 2021-22  at this one. Please share this link/post with your art friends who you think might be interested in joining our adventure!


  1. I'm looking forward to it! And scared :-)

  2. Kim Tortolani7:11 AM

    I’m in! Just finished Inktober and enjoyed the challenge! Looking forward to this!