Sunday, August 7, 2011

Flowers and my Poetic Sketches series

12x9", Gouache in a Stillman & Birn Beta sketchbook

I was at Story Farm, which is my favorite place in Catskill for fresh fruits and vegetables. They had the most gorgeous flower bouquets for sale that I ever saw! I couldn't resist. I brought these home and had a great time painting them out on my patio.

I've been exploring different poetry forms lately and decided to combine that with some of my sketches for a series of "Poetic Sketches". This one is a Traditional Cinquain form. Cinquain poems have five lines, with the first stating the subject, the second describing it, the third action, the fourth feelings/emotions, and the last restating the subject. In the traditional form, the first line must be two syllables, the second is four syllables, the third is six syllables, fourth is eight syllables, and the last line is a two-syllable restatement/summary of the subject. Here is the poem, which might be too small to read in the image:
Brilliant, fragrant,
Curving, swaying, reaching,
Yielding sunlit optimism.

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